There's currently no easy way to view a summary of all the components of an application. The Application Design Document Generator from CAVUCode allows you to review and document your application before submitting to the store. Customers will also find this helpful for reviewing internal or 3rd party application components before deploying to production environments.


  • v0.9 (2016-11-06)
  • Quickly view summary of all the components within a ServiceNow application
  • Use to generate required design documentation for ServiceNow store certification submissions
  • Identify common design/configuration issues
  • Identify any related non-app file demo data
  • Supports Helsinki and Istanbul releases


Please contact support with any feedback or support issues.



COMING SOON: A certified application is available on the ServiceNow store.




Viewing the document

A new form related link UI action "Component documentation" is available on the application form. The action is restricted to only users with the "admin" role.


components identified

The typical application components (sys_metadata) records are displayed with the key summary information based on the record type.


Other components

While most of the common application record types are captured, not everything has a detailed summary yet. Application files that were not summarized in the report are listed in the "Other App File Records" section of the page.



Some common best-practice mistakes are identified during the document generation. These items are identified in the "Issues" section of the page and may also be shown in the summary of a file.


File Protection flags

For applications that are deployed through the ServiceNow Store, application files may be set as read-only or protected. Protected records are identified in the document with a prefix (P) while read-only records are identified with a (R) prefix.




Occasionally demo data and other non-app file records are included in an application. These records are identified as well.



Excluded tables

There are a number of system tables that may be included in an application but are not usually relevant for review. For clarity, the list of tables excluded from the document are listed at the end of the report.