FujiForty - Reporting for Those That Don't RTFW

If you're anything like me you'll do everything you can to figure things out before you would actually Read The Famous Wiki. If brut force clicking around doesn't help you can always look for a cool blog series to help and still feel good about not having to read the documentation.

I'm a bit old to search for easter eggs this spring but I did have a little adventure yesterday when I was trying to find all of the missing report settings. Once you know where to look the new interface is impressive.

First up, report visibility. It was right there on the main report editor page, now it's nowhere to be found. Oh wait, what's the little arrow next to save? I wonder if there's a magical menu hidden under that. Sure enough there's a new Sharing option. This is also where you'll find most of the other actions you're used to seeing cluttering of the report page.


Now that I found the sharing settings, I wanted to grant access to a role. When building an application for distribution to multiple customers, it's tough to rely on groups for granting access. Besides, isn't this what roles are for. I don't think roles were ever supported for reports in the past but for some reason I just expected it to be there.

Sharing visibility options are Me, Everyone, Groups and Users. It looks like we're out of luck. Slow your clicking and try selecting Everyone. It's not really everyone, it's the control to select one or more roles. Not that intuitive but what I wanted so I'm not complaining.

Now I have my reports created, assigned access and created gauges so I can add them to a homepage. But the reports are too large for the dashboard. Where is that chart size property hidden? This one wasn't as obvious to me, probably because my mind was blocking out anything that looks like it would give me help. Right there, next to report type choice is a help icon and a configuration gear. There's a lot of nice features in that gear, existing controls such as chart size as well as many new chart attributes. The list of available options will vary based on the type of report you select.

Speaking of report types, let's checkout that little help question mark. I was expecting a new window to open and send me to the wiki. I really don't need an icon for that. Boy was I surprised with the result. I'm not a reporting expert and I'll admit that I never truly understand all of the chart types and why I would want to use them. This report type help is really helpful, explaining all of the chart types available.

So today's tip is really about encouraging you to search around the new Fuji "UI15" interface for all the hidden goodies. Oh and if you really do want to RTFW, here it is.