FujiForty - Charts Embedded in Forms

Yesterday's FujiForty reporting tip was pretty basic so let's get into some cool reporting features. The ability to embed a dynamic chart in a form is a completely new concept in Fuji. Viewing related data in embedded or related lists on the form can be helpful but humans can consume data so much faster with images.

Say we wanted to view the number and types of incidents that are currently open for the caller's location. This could be helpful in quickly identifying a trending problem.

We start by building the report chart that we'd like to display. We'll report on active incidents using a bar chart grouped by category and stacked by priority. Any condition we provide here will end up getting appended to the dynamic filter we provide when it's dropped on a form.

Next we need to personalize, I mean configure (still getting used to the terminology change) the form to add the chart. You can do this from either the form designer or legacy form layout. I'm still biased toward the legacy slushbuckets for a number of reasons. That's all we can do from the here. 

Now return to the form to configure the chart widget by clicking the link in the widget or right-clicking the chart label. Select the report to display then define the field mappings so we can make the report data dynamic based on a form value. Define the filter in the "Report condition extension" section. Set both "form field" and "report field" to location. The form field you select must be in the form view that you added the chart to, otherwise the chart can't get the input filter value.

The result will be a filter of incidents (because that is the report we selected) where the location value is that same as the location value from the form that we are viewing. This filter will be appended with any filter defined in the report definition. 

This case is pretty simple, but you can get more advanced by running reports on other tables.

Ok, now that's pretty cool in my book. But wait, there's more. This report is not only dynamic based on form data, it's also alive. Change the location value and notice that the chart is updated immediately.

It's also possible to drill into reference fields when you configure the report condition extension. For example we could map the incident caller's department as an input to a report. However, as of this writing there are a couple issues with this scenario. The first is that you must have the derived  field (caller's department) on the form. Not really a bug, it's the same dependency as mentioned above, but it should be more obvious why the chart is not displaying. The second issue is that even if you have the derived field on the form the chart won't update in real time when you change the caller field. 

I'd love to hear some of the use cases that you can think of where this would add value to your process.