FujiForty - Tag Sharing

Some of you might have been excited about the introduction of tags a release or two ago. For those of you that have been around for a while, you quickly realized that they were just renamed labels. The fact that they were personal tags prevented them from being more than just personal bookmarks.

In Fuji tags are still the same components but they are no longer just personal entities. Now they can also be shared with selective users and groups, or open to everyone.

The tags that you own can be managed through the new My Tags module. You can also edit tag names from the Tagged Documents page, accessible from the left edge.


The last cool feature worth mentioning is that you can filter lists and reports based on tags.

Limitations: although the ability to filter on tags makes it seem like the values are stored as field values, there are a couple limitations that you might run into. You cannot group or stack based on tags since a record could have multiple tags. You also can't use global search to find records based on a tag name.