FujiForty - Visual Task Boards

Visual task boards received some minor updates for Fuji and they are starting to get more traction with users. As an application builder you might be interested in including boards with your application. Unfortunately it's not that easy.

First, a quick review of board types. For a given table there two types of visual task boards, guided and flexible. Guided boards are laid out with lanes based on a fields value, such as a task's state field. Since the lanes are tied to a field, moving the cards between lanes will also change the field value. Flexible boards allow you to define a lane structure that is not related to any particular field in the task. Moving cards between lanes on a flexible board will not update the card's record. The lanes are just representable buckets of cards. If you are looking to add multiple task types to a board there's also freeform boards. Other than needed to be task records, freeform boards are not bound to a table or condition.

A key limitation of boards today is that they must be owned by someone, there's no concept of system or application board definition. That means they must be created by someone before they can exist in an instance. If you designed a flexible board with lane configurations you might expect that it would be included as part of your application. Depending on how much time it took, you might be pretty upset to find that it's not captured as an application file.

There is a way to export the board and lane definitions separate from your application. An administrator must navigate to the vtb_board table to view the list of boards. From a board record it's possible to export the board to an XML file that could be imported by an administrator in another instance.

Keep in mind that the board is still "owned" by the user that created in the development instance. If the same user exists in both instances then it can continue to be managed, otherwise it may end up as an orphaned board.

For this reason, if you see value in using boards in your application I would recommend that you define the board design and creation steps in your application documentation.