GenevaGem - Navigation Favorites

To kick off the GenevaGems series, we'll start simple. Since I appreciate clean interfaces, I was happy to find the new minimalist navigation favorites view.

Prior to Geneva, you could flag a navigation module as a favorite which displayed a subset list when you enable the favorite view. You also had the edge bar that you could drag shortcuts to, creating a second type of favorite link.






Geneva's UI16 interface merges the concept of the edge bar and module favorites. It's also a much cleaner display, allowing you to utilize as much screen real estate as possible to the important form and list views.

Flagging a module as a favorite works just like it did in the past, click the star next to the module name. 

To minimize the menu to icon only view, use the circled arrow at the bottom of the navigator frame.

From this view you can also drag any link to the bar to add a custom favorite, just as you did in Fuji.



Default icons are selected for you based on the type of module or link added to the icon bar. You can take full control of the color, icon, and label with the new favorite editor. This is available from the expanded navigation menu when you select the favorite (star) tab.