HelsinkiHint - API Stats

The recent addition of scripted REST APIs and API version support has really made working with ServiceNow integrations as easy and robust as they should be in this day of highly connected systems. Managing, supporting, and deprecating API versions can be a challenge if you don't have access to usage statistics. The Helsinki release take API management to a new level.

FujiForty - Form Charts (advanced conditions)

There was a recent question on my first Form Charts post regarding advanced conditions. Since it's not really documented I did some experimenting.

In the last example I used a simple report filter. Show the "All Incidents by Category" report where the incident location is equal to the current form's incident location. Using this form chart interface limits you to a direct field mapping (location = current.location). 

If you require a more advanced condition such as an OR condition you'll have to jump over to the "Advanced condition extension".