FujiForty - Must Have App Publishing Checklist

I spent the past year dedicated to working with ISVs building apps on Fuji EA and GA releases. I realized that I have a pretty consistent and structured checklist that I follow for building and reviewing applications, although it's all been an auto-pilot process in my head. Some may say I’m giving out my secrets, but since CAVUCode is all about empowering vendors so they can manage their own applications, I’ll share my process.

Creating Global Apps

Most of the FujiForty series so far has been focused on the benefits and challenges of scoped applications and the related API changes. By far, the biggest reason to understand and work with scoped applications is so you can publish them in the ServiceNow Store. If you're not interested in publishing a particular application or utility in the store building a scoped app can be overkill and possibly add unnecessary extra development time. These are the times when you should just build a global application.

FujiForty - Application Upgrades

If you're currently using 3rd party integrations or applications installed through update sets (including those from the Share portal), you've already realized that there's no way to know if and when the vendor has made an update available without checking with them. The ServiceNow app store will fix that. Since you will be accessing the store and downloading applications directly from your instance, there's no need to worry about manually installing update sets. You'll also see when there's an update to an application you have already installed.