HelsinkiHint - My First ServicePortal Widget

I love jelly! I love jelly! Oh wait, I'm just so comfortable with jelly that I've hesitated to even look at the new Service Portal features in fear of having to get my head around angular and portal concepts before I could actually do anything interesting. If you're anything like me, don't hold off any longer. I took the plunge and the water is great. Here's my first project.

42 Ways to Access Workflow Variables

It's not always easy to discover when and how to access orchestration and workflow input and activity output values when designing a workflow in ServiceNow. 

Ok, forty-two ways might be a slight exaggeration. We'll take a look at a couple shortcuts, some frustrating limitations, and an easy consistent solution to speed up your workflow development.

HelsinkiHint - API Stats

The recent addition of scripted REST APIs and API version support has really made working with ServiceNow integrations as easy and robust as they should be in this day of highly connected systems. Managing, supporting, and deprecating API versions can be a challenge if you don't have access to usage statistics. The Helsinki release take API management to a new level.

HelsinkiHint - Source Control

"How do we backup our app and manage file versions?"  This is usually one of the first questions I get when I start working with a new software vendor who's building an app for the ServiceNow store. Before the Helsinki release, developers needed to resort to exporting a copy of an application update set for offline storage, or leverage team development to copy code to another instance. The Helsinki release introduces source control from within the instance.